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CESNA Professional Stretegies


A division of CESNA Group


CPS Services:

> Telecommunications

> Automotive Industry

> Electronics & Semiconductor

> Industry/Market Benchmarking & Research

> Military Equipment 


About CPS

CESNA Professional Strategies (CPS) began providing information services in 1999. CPS launched an office location in Washington, DC in 2008.

At CPS, we dedicate ourselves to helping international clients succeed in overseas markets through a combination of market knowledge, experience and networking excellence.


CPS recognizes the need for strategy support in international Korean organizations seeking U.S. and global market success, as well as American enterprises operating in Asia. We possess the talent and resources to provide our clients with accurate, comprehensive business strategies bent on global growth.





New Jersey




โ€œThe best strategy requires the best information.โ€

Sean Kim, CESNA Group Principal

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